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For Treatment

Commonly treated musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, strains, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and low back pain can be effectively relieved with massage therapy. 

For Balance

Find out how registered massage therapy can play a key role in your holistic health care. Massage therapy is an effective treatment modality to help manage the symptoms associated with arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cancer treatments.

For Wellness

Help settle your mind and ease your tension caused by stress. Massage therapy works to soothe the sympathetic nervous system; improving sleep, reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches/migraines, and helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. Pre and Post-natal massage can help align body structures and minimize the pain associated with postural changes.

For Prevention

Imbalances can be addressed before they become chronic problems. Regular massage treatments help to maintain a properly aligned and functioning body, allowing you to keep up with your day-to-day activities.



Ellen Luchkow, BFA, RMT

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